Aqua Villa offers excellent accommodation conditions in the Danube Delta

Why the Danube Delta
23 January 2018

Aqua Villa offers excellent accommodation conditions in the Danube Delta

Where it all started:

Everything started from the childhood rituals, when we searched lizards, snakes, fish or colorful butterflies and dragonflies through the local lands. Then, we urged them to fly tied to an empty box of matches.

And that's when I was learning the art of fishing from a men from Lipova. Back then, we were hiding in the willows with hollows as big as us. Since then I have the most beautiful memories.

All this would be just stories, if I had not decided together with my brother to "go back home", at least the weekend, as far from the unleashed world where we lived. And the guesthouse in Delta was our dream.

But what would that mean, if the unspeakable beauties, if all the wonderful cycles of nature were not discovered by friends.

Not only those who want to fish but also those who want to photograph hidden by papuris, a rare creature or by the mating ritual of graceful swans. So we set up a lacustrative guesthouse with a courtyard of 3000 square meters, neither in the heart of the wilderness, but very close, from a remarkable respect for the amazing nature.

We chose to make many isolated guesthouses than just one large one, so the moments of reverie and the wonderful baths in the pool can be tasted somewhat intimately and somewhat nostalgic.

Besides, we want to prevent you from this inevitable addiction, which is created only by the stars admired from the boat, the taste of the food, but especially the fish cooked at us, like the locals in the Delta who are the only ones to know how to do it.

What can be more wonderful than touching the blooming water lilies in a smooth sliding of the boat through the swampy terrain, or feeling that you have lost your hearing in a place so quiet and seemingly motionless? If all this still doesn't impress you to you, then your daily swim, a giant fish captured, a horse ride or a boat ride would still make your unforgettable holidays.

The area of the location is 3,000 sqm.

  • Location: 3 buildings
  • Additional facilities: Bar + restaurant
  • Accommodation capacity: 7 rooms of 2 places
  • Transport
  • Fun: 2 modern boats of 8 and 5 places, wooden boats, swimming pool, horse riding
  • * NOTE - if this information is not sufficient and you wish to find further details about the pension located at the 26th mile in The Danube Delta, please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Thank you!

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